Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Dragon Ball Super To Introduce First Female Super Saiyan

After sixteen years of Super Saiyans Dragon Ball Super will finally be introducing the Dragon Ball saga to the first ever female Super Saiyan.

The latest episode of Dragon Ball Super the Saiyan warrior from Universe 6, Caulifa, will transform into a Super Saiyan for the very first time in preparation for the Multiverse Tournament. The preview for the upcoming episode shows the transformation as she trains with Cabba, her fellow Universe 6 Saiyan.

As Caulifa transforms she's watched by yet another Universe 6 Saiyan, Kale, who we know from promotional images will soon be following Caulifa to become a Super Saiyan, though one who bears a striking resemblance to the Legendary Super Saiyan Brolly.

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Birmingham Pride To Go Ahead Following Manchester Bombing

Following the tragic nail-bomb attack on the Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena last night police and event organisers have assured the public that Birmingham Pride will go ahead this coming weekend.

Organisers are currently in talks with West Midlands Police to review the security of the event, but state that they will not allow the tragedy in Manchester to stop the event.

Assistant Chief Constable Alex Murray of the West Midlands Police told the press; 'Birmingham plays host to Pride this weekend, and we're expecting tens of thousands of visitors to the city. This is an annual event with a parade, music and festivities that are enjoyed by many.

'I appreciate that people planning to attend may feel a sense of nervousness - I would like to take this opportunity to give you some reassurance that a full policing operation is in place and subject to ongoing review.

'Tragic events like last night's explosion in Manchester remind us that attack can occur at any time or place without warning. Everyone needs to be vigilant - be alert not alarmed. As ever, we ask the public to be our eyes and ears. If something doesn't feel right, call us.

Headline acts at this years event include Charlotte Church, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Basement Jaxx and Gabrielle to name just a few.

You can visit Birmingham Pride's website below to learn more about the event.

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Monday, 22 May 2017

Image Comics Reveals Pride Month Variant Covers

Image Comics is celebrating it's 25th anniversary by making each month of the year themed for variant covers, and this June they're celebrating Pride.

June will see the release of elven variant covers that the company say are 'to celebrate the LGBTQ community and the progress made by the Gay Liberation Movement in promoting inclusivity and support for all'.

So far Image have revealed six of the covers, the proceeds of which will go towards the Human Rights Campaign.

Image Comics Publisher Eric Stephenson released a statement saying, 'We are so thankful to support the LGBTQ community during Pride Month later this year by partnering once again with the Human Rights Campaign.'

'It's never been a secret that Image Comics is supportive of creative freedom, but it's important that we also make it clear that we stand for inclusivity, diversity and equality, now more than ever. We hope these variants will serve as a positive display of that ongoing commitment.'

The first of the Pride Month variant covers will go on sale on 7th June.

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Sunday, 21 May 2017

First Trailer For CW's Black Lightning Arrives

The first trailer for the CW's latest addition to their DC television universe, Black Lightning, has been released following months of speculation.

The series will follow Jefferson Pierce, the retired superhero known as Black Lightning who quit crime fighting for his family. Since then Jefferson has gone on to become a high school principal and fights to help his students in a different way.

When Jeffersons daughter Jennifer is recruited by a local gang, however, Black Lightning comes out of retirement to clean up the streets once again.

Black Lightning is scheduled to air as CW's midseason show this coming winter.

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An Apology

If you're a regular reader of this blog then you'll know that I haven't been writing nearly as many articles as I have in the past. Last year I managed to produce just shy of 300 pieces, now five months into this year and I've made barely more than a dozen.

I want to apologise for this lack f dedication to this site, and to those who have supported me so much over the years.

Part of the reason for this change has been an increase in the amount I've been working in my day to day job, and the launch of my podcast, but it's also because I've not been well.

I've been suffering from a currently undiagnosed medical condition in my leg, one that's been gradually getting worse and more painful. The result of this is a great deal of pain and fatigue, and I've found myself lacking motivation for most of my ordinary tasks, let alone writing articles.

I've been selfish and for that I want to say sorry. I'm going to be trying to do more on this site again, and hope that I can get things back to the way that they were before.

I hope that you'll be as kind and understanding as you've always been, and I hope that you'll bear with me during these ups and downs. Thank you.

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